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Here you'll find recipes & ramblings about keeping my family fed with what's available in Alaska between local produce, a little bit of wild harvest, and the modern grocery store.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu for early January

No CSA box this week -- just working on various hardy root crops stored in frig and cellar, plus taking stock of what's in the freezer... Need to do a Costco run too!
Started some Mung sprouts today, and looking hard at the head and a half of cabbage...

Having completely ran out of bread, and not feeling like venturing out Monday morning ("I got a throat", an expression coined by one of my kids), I even baked some homemade bread -- aaaaah, heaven: a quiet house now that everybody's gone back to work/school...

MON: corned beef, potatoes, cabbage & homemade Beerbread
TUES: Thai Kitchen (eating out)
WED: Leek soup, braised greens, Baked Ziti, Soprano-style, salad
THUR: Chicken&veggie stir-fry w/ sprouts, rice, potstickers
FRI: Gimme More Pie (recipe here), braised greens, roasted potatoes
SAT: Porrotos Granados (recipe here), empanadas, carrot salad
SUN: Pasta w/ veggies, smoked salmon and goat cheese, green salad

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