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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu for Spring Break (March)

We spent the first half of our Spring Break in Fairbanks, visiting old friends, and they spoiled us with wonderful (mostly vegetarian) fare. Every evening was a feast, starting with hors d'oeuvres (a.k.a. "horse's ovaries"), with an assortment of wines and cheeses, oil-cured olives, etc.

Sunday: Vegetarian lasagna, salad.
Monday: Sockeye salmon (baked in foil over BBQ), roasted potatoes, baby asparagus.
Tuesday: Szechuan Eggplant pizza, tricolor pepper pizza.
Wednesday: Mexican Restaurant in Wasilla on drive home.
Thursday: Jambalaya (*), Eggs in a Nest (*)
Friday: Potluck BonVoyage Party -- I made jambalaya w/ andouille and shrimp
Saturday: Potluck Birthday Party -- I made Spaetzle
Sunday: Flanks & Greens (*) over brown rice

Note on potlucks (I LOVE potlucks -- this American tradition is WUNDERBAR!)
The variety was wonderful at both potlucks, and there's always plenty for everybody, even those with special diets, like vegetarians, or people who cannot eat wheat, soy or dairy.
There were great salads -- I love to try all the different fruits, nuts, etc --got great new ideas!
There was a great vegan corn chowder, heavenly cheese-potatoes baked in their skins, and lots more. I also got reminded how much guys love sauerkraut & sausage, and spicy chicken wings -- that plus a brewski and they're in heaven!

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