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Monday, March 30, 2009

Menu for the March-April transition

No CSA box this week (they take one week/month off), so we eat what we still have lying around, and go to the grocery store. I'm glad to see that strawberries & asparagus are starting to show up!
So we're starting the week with breakfast for dinner -- always a big hit with the kids.

Monday: German pancakes w/ strawberries, salad
Tuesday: Pasta w/ Shrimp & veggies in white sauce, asparagus, salad
Wed: Burritos w/ choice of fillings (black beans, meat, veggies, cheese)
Thursday: Baked Polenta w/ red sauce, asparagus
Friday: Indian: Rice, leftover korma, eggs in coconut & green chili sauce
Saturday: Dinner date!, kids eat pasta with red sauce & meatballs
Sunday: Burritos (Yeah, the old standby, but good easy meal)

This week was very busy for me, culminating in a workshop we taught at the Nature Center.
Hubby took me out Saturday night at our favorite restaurant in town, and we shared our entrees: Seafood Jambalaya, Halibut, and the Maytag (Blue cheese) salad --- which I planned to imitated later in the week. YUMMM!

The children heated up Meatballs and spaghetti-- turns out son is done for now with the Vegetarian experiment. He says it was good to find out that he "could do it" (live without red meat), but was ready to eat it again! He did not preclude eating vegetarian again at some later point, but for now, he was just done...

On other notes, I overbaked the olive-oil coated roasted asparagus (my first time)-- still very tasty, but got to keep an eye on that!

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  1. You can make delicious salad with strawberries, asparagus, and feta. The salad turns disgusting if you use blue cheese. I wish the University Food Service would learn that. Oh look, a perfectly delectable salad cheaper than a small box of icky looking fruit! Oh wait, the cheese makes the whole thing DISGUSTING.