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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ode to Kitchen Sister

Today is my Eldest's birthday, and to my blog readers she's known as Kitchen Sister because that's what she's been calling herself when she stops by in the blog-world.
She's a GREAT cook, and I love calling her "Kit Sis" -- my daughter, who presumably first learned to cook at my apron-strings, has now surpassed me in her kitchen wizardry. She left for college in Montana, and is now the master of her own kitchen full of healthy& yummy ingredients. She reigns supreme with a box full of exotic recipes on index cards, which reflect influences from people and cuisines all over the world.
She learned over the years from friends and various jobs including a professional bakery, coffee shop, the Bozeman Food Coop. There is also her wonderful friend, "Goatlady", whom I had the priviledge of meeting briefly when I visited my daughter in Bozeman (Goatlady embraced me and thanked me for raising such a wonderful young lady -- I must say this REALLY touched me as one of the best compliments I have ever received). I wish I hadn't lost the squash & coconut soup recipe that Kitchen Sister learned from Goatlady (hint, hint -- please send!)

To honor Kitchen Sister today, I want to list a recipe that I feel signifies a real turning point in getting our youngsta's to eat veggies: Sis took care of them during her winter break 2 years ago, giving the Prof and I a wonderful get-away vacation in the Arizona desert. During Sis' reign, she managed to convert her siblings, with this recipe becoming one of their faves: at first they were sceptical of all those vegetables that were going into the pot ("Oh no, squash?!?"), and this soup is one they just LOVE. VICTORY, thanks to Sis!

African Peanut Soup

olive oil
jalapeno peppers (if using canned, rinse first) we like it spicy!
cumin, coriander, cayenne, and/or curry mix
water or stock
celery, carrots
yams or sweet potatoes
squash (summer varieties like zuccini, or if using winter squash, allow more cooking time)
tomatoes (canned ok, even salsa)
spinach or other greens (optional -- (if puree-ing soup, will make green specks)
garbanzo beans (already cooked or canned) or Black-eyed peas
peanut butter
salt, pepper

Cook legumes if you're starting from dried.
Cut up all the veggies, saute onions etc, add water & rest, then simmer until yams & squash is soft.
Puree the whole lot if you like -- my kids will only eat this as a smooth smooth soup.
Serve over a grain (rice) if desired.

If you're looking for a recipe with actual quantities, go to Glacier Grist #6 on the GlacierValleyFarmCSA website.

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