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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Italians know how to eat!

Along with most Americans, our family enjoys Italian fare: the standard pasta appeals to everybody, but there's so much more!

One of my summer favorites is this simple salad of
Fresh mozarella cheese and vine-ripened tomatoes.
It's sooooo simple:

Slice the tomatoes and fresh cheese and arrange of plate. Dribble with extra-virgin olive oil, then add fresh basil leaves. Sprinkle with freshly-ground pepper and salt.

ADDENDUM: My kids are skeptical about tomatoes (I don't blame them, as we get our share of bland pink bullets here).. so when I served this tonight, insisting they try at least one bite, Youngest commented "Hmmmm, these are not bad -- tomatoes sure have improved a lot!"

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  1. I made this sandwich for lunch just today! There goes that parallelism again...