In search of healthy and fun meals to feed my family, with an eye toward sustainable living.

Here you'll find recipes & ramblings about keeping my family fed with what's available in Alaska between local produce, a little bit of wild harvest, and the modern grocery store.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Menu for 2nd week of June

Sunday: grilled skirt steak, Quinoa salad (*), green salad
Monday: grilled halibut, brown rice, mess of greens (sauteed kale, mustard & spinach), corn-on-the-cob.
Tuesday: Baked Ziti, sauteed zuccini, tomato & mozarella salad w/ fresh basil
Wed: Eat out
Thurs: Mexican: burritos w/ lots of fixin's
Fri: Ziti with goatcheese, broccoli, artichokes and pine nuts, big salad, bread & aoli (*)
Sat: Lentil Soup, grilled skirt steak, roasted potatoes, salad
Sun: leftovers

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