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Saturday, May 30, 2009


We love to eat halibut!
When I tell people we just got back from Homer (Alaska's Halibut capital), they ask "how much fish did you catch?". But unlike many Alaskans who hire a boat (which is not exactly cheap) and go catch their own, this bunch of seasick Alaskans does not venture out, but rather pays the dear price in the grocery store (roughly $10/pound right now).

SO we came back from Homer well-rested but empty-handed what fish is concerned, and bought some halibut in the store yesterday! Looking for an easy recipe after a long day at work, I turned to Cecilia Nibeck's trusty cookbook "Alaskan Halibut Recipes" (she's got another one for salmon). These books are great resources for any Alaskan that faces a freezer full of fish, plus cupboard or canned fish, whose family is soooo tired of eating the same old fish recipes, and you just NEED something different to do with fish!!!

here's what I cooked yesterday: simple and delicious!

Halibut a l'orange
2 pounds halibut fillets
1/2 concentrated orange juice (Americans buy this in the frozen Foods section) -thawed
2 T butter, melted
salt and a dash of nutmeg

Mix the OJ with spices and pour over the fish in a baking dish.
Like my recipes, hers gave no details on baking: I did mine in a covered casserole dish for about 30min at 375 F, basically until the flesh was flaky.

Note: This recipe was surprisingly good, and would probably appeal to anyone who does not like fish to, well, taste fishy.

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