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Here you'll find recipes & ramblings about keeping my family fed with what's available in Alaska between local produce, a little bit of wild harvest, and the modern grocery store.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Menu for the last week of May

YEAH! School ended last week, and we went camping over Memorial Day weekend.

Upon returning, we picked up the CSA box, and a gentle rain is falling on the freshly-planted garden: we're already harvesting a few early things: rhubarb, lettuce, basil (grown indoors-- doesn't get warm enough here to grow them outside). I've always got some sprouts going too, which technically counts toward the home harvest count.

But best of all, we collected and ate some fiddlehead fern "croziers" at the campsite in Hope: they were delicious sauteed in butter with some garlic, served with a simple creamy pasta dish!

Here's what was in our CSA box: potatoes, onions, broccoli, rainbow chard, green onions, Romaine lettuce, sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes), Fuji apples, Navel oranges, d'Anjou pears.

Monday: Fresh Halibut "Fish & Chips" on the Homer Spit.
Tuesday: Pasta (from package, I admit--we only do that camping) with sauteed fiddleheads
Wednesday (back home): roasted potatoes, grilled sausages, and big salad from CSA box
Thursday: Work Dinner out for me! kids & dad cooked spaghetti
Friday: Halibut a l'orange (*), wild & brown rice, broccoli w/ butter and almonds, salad
Saturday: 2 parties to attend!
Sunday: family dinner with Eldest, involving sunchokes(*), rainbow chard and other goodies from the CSA box... and my killer rhubarb pie (*)

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