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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mexican Meals

Hola! We sure enjoy Mexican food around here -- it's versatile & fun!

Enchiladas a la Jerry Garcia
This recipe is from my hubby's brother-in-law, great cook & musician too (but not of Grateful Dead fame!)

Chicken or turkey, diced, cooked or baked
jalapenos, canned ok
olives, chopped (optional -- but they really are good in here)
cheese, grated (cheddar or variety of Mexican melting cheeses)
salt, pepper, garlic
corn tortillas
enchilada sauce (green is our favorite, not mild either!)
more cheese

Cook the poultry if needed: bake with spices in the oven. Smoked turkey is excellent!
Cover bottom of casserole with enchilada sauce.
Mix first5 ingredients in bowl. Fill tortillas (I first microwave them briefly under a wet paper towel to soften them -- otherwise they rip easily). Arrange rolls in the casserole dish, cover generously with enchilada sauce & cheese. Bake until cheese bubbles. This dish may be very watery at first, but will absorb moisure if you let it sit a while (Make ahead & reheat if you prefer it more firm).

HINT: add other ingredients -- lots of veggies, beans, etc
GlacierValleyCSA has a vegetarian version using kale in GG#22?

Breakfast-Lunch-or-Dinner Burritos
Flour tortillas (we like the uncooked ones from Costco you cook up yourself)
Black beans, already cooked & mashed (I make big batches & freeze them; or use canned)
onions, chopped
peppers, chopped
garlic, minced
spice mix (1-2 T cumin, 1 T coriander, a few dried poblano peppers, 1 t salt) -I grind my own
potatoes or rice, left-over
Meat (optional)
Eggs, scrambled
cheese, grated (Cheddar or other mexican)
lettuce or sprouts
good salsa

Saute onions, peppers, garlic. Add spice mix (divide if need some for meat or potatoes).
Add black beans & make "Refritos".
Heat up tortillas, and place warm ingredients on half the tortilla. Add cheese.
(If making from leftovers, microwave w/ cheese if needed, but not eggs).
Add cold ingredients (lettuce, salsa & avocado). Roll em up. If saving for later, wrap in waxpaper.
These make great cold lunches.

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